One of THE most powerful study tools one can ever learn!

Designed by Tony Buzan over 40 years ago, mind mapping quite simply helps students to reach their full mental potential. It is an easy way to get information into and out of the brain.

Mind maps engage all of our critical skills in a powerful and unique way to: enhance learning and recall, boost creativity, develop advanced note-taking skills, plan, analyse, organise, present and communicate. In short, mind-mapping improves learning, gives clarity of thought and can be applied to every subject.


• To help students achieve clarity, to better organise their thoughts and to develop greater control of thinking processes.

• To demonstrate the effectiveness of combining words and images to both make and take mind mapped notes.

• To boost understanding and recall.

• To encourage creativity whilst improving communication and presentation skills.

Date & Place

9th Feb 2018, (Friday) in the Interact Room


2:00- 4:00pm


Year 7 to Year 9 students

Conducted by:

Ms. Geetanjali Chhabra

To register for the workshop, please send me an email at before 1st February. Registration is on a first come, first served basis. Maximum intake is 20 students.