elc Parents' Association (PA) is open to all parents and legal guardians of students attending elc International School. The goals and objectives of the PA are to:

• Promote the general welfare of the students.

• Foster good relationships between parents and elc International School.

• Encourage parents to volunteer in the PA, and to co-ordinate their participation.

• Organise events for students and parents; providing an opportunity for people to learn new things, to get to know each other and to have fun.

• Help new parents orientate to elc International School.

• Act as a good steward of the PA funds and to use the funds equitably.

• Manage the PA's webpages and notice boards.

• Organise fund-raising activities.

• Organise activities for charitable donations.


How do I become a member of the PA?

To become a member of the PA, you must either purchase an elc Yearbook or pay a RM20 PA membership fee per family. The membership period is for the financial year (Jan-Dec). A PA membership allows you to vote at the PA Annual General Meeting (AGM) and stand for a position as a Committee Member.

How do I become a PA Committee Member?

Every year at the PA AGM, the committee members are elected. They serve for one year and they meet as a group once a month. Volunteering for the PA Committee can be very rewarding and can lead to new friendships and a deeper understanding of what is happening at the school.

How does the PA raise money?

This is predominantly done through the sale of yearbooks. We also make money by selling "elc Cheer Team t-shirts".We are always open to suggestions on how we can raise money for the PA.

How can I make a donation?

There are several ways to a make a donation or contribute to the PA. Please contact the PA at if you wish to donate. This can be through:

• Monetary contributions

• Gifts of goods and services

• Your time! Help work on a project or activity supported by the PA

Where does the money raised by the PA go?

Each year, the PA Committee reviews and agrees on the best ways to support the elc community. During 2017, the PA has given financial assistance to: International Understanding (IU) Day, PA Coffee Mornings at Valencia, ceiling fans installation in the spectator stands and "Morning at the Movies".

How does the PA Committee share information?

The main method for disseminating information is through our our website . We also use email, Parents' WhatsApp Group, elc Facebook Page and posting on the PA notice board at the school.

My child is in Year 5, and I heard that there is a Year 5 Parents' WhatsApp group. How do I join this group?

The PA nor elc are the administrators of these WhatsApp groups. You will need to request through another same year parent, who will contact that year's administrator to add your name to the group. We are happy that you are aware of these groups but they should be used with care. Please follow group chat etiquette. Before you post, ask yourself whether the message you are sending is true, whether it is helpful or constructive, and whether it is harmful to others. Please do not send messages, images or videos to other parents that are hateful or embarrassing. Unfortunately, WhatsApp Groups and other social media platforms can be avenues for misinformation or unfounded information.

How do I contact the PA Committee?

The PA Committee can be contacted by emailing The PA Committee is a volunteer group of parents who will try to answer your email ASAP.


What are the contact details for elc Service Providers?

Canteen:    Chef Nagesh  0103677901

Bookstore:  Parames        0179142633  elc Booklist

Transport:   Mr. Tan          0122989797

Where can I find my child's lost items?

The designated Lost & Found area is under the main stairs in Secondary. It is only in the Lower Primary division that they will hold onto an item for a couple of days to locate the owners themselves, failing which it gets put in Lost & Found. If an item of value is found (i.e. wallet), first it goes to the Administration Office to be recorded and then it is passed to Mr. James for safe keeping.

I have a complaint about my daughter's teacher. Who do I talk to?

Great question. There is a protocol on how complaints or concerns are handled by the school. Do not use social media platforms to post your grievances. The protocol is:

1st Step: Homeroom teacher - if no satisfactory result then,

2nd Step: Head of Division – if no satisfactory result then,

3rd Step: Principal – if no satisfactory result then,

4th Step: CEO

What are the rules to school parking and school drop-off/pick-off?

Click here to read the PA's "10 Easy Ways" Notice