secondary annual awards day photos


Congratulations to all our awards winners. To view all our photos click the buttons below.

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upper primary annual awards day photos


Congratulations to all our awards winners. To view all our photos click the buttons below.

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special assembly highlights


There have been a lot of opportunities and activities on offer this year for our students. Therefore, this week we hosted a special assembly to highlight some of the various trips and ECA's that have taken place recently. Here are some highlights from the assembly.


Matilda Performance Video


Our Year 5 & 6 students did a fantastic job for their production of Matilda last week. We have a video of their performance on Friday to share with you all.


milne hall official naming ceremony


Yesterday, we officially named our halls in the main building. Mrs Kaloo had a few words to say to commemorate the occasion.


dofe silver AJ Pangkor


Over the course of last weekend our Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Silver Award students took part in their adventurous journey. They headed off to Pangkor island for what was a challenging and rewarding experience kayaking and camping round the island. Here are a few highlights.


dofe silver qualifying journey


Last weekend our Duke of Edinburgh(DofE) Silver Award students took part in their Qualifying Journey at Ampang Pecah Training Centre in Kuala Kubu Baru.

They cooked their own lunch then kayaked out onto the lake. This was great preparation for their Adventurous Journey, which will take place next weekend in Pangkor.


Mr oskar's assembly


This morning we had a lively start to the day with Mr Oskar's Secondary Assembly. Given we are close to the end of the academic year this song was a fitting choice.


Matilda Performance


Both performances are now sold out so no tickets are available.


Yearbook Sales


Our school yearbook is still on sale you can buy your copy in person from the Parents Association in the canteen tomorrow Friday 29th between 1 - 2pm or same time Friday 6th July.

If you would prefer to order your yearbook online click on the image above for more details.


ms sheela's Newsletter


Click the image above to read Ms Sheela's newsletter.


mtcc photo competition


Please note this competition is only open to Malaysian's aged 13 years and above.

For full details on this opportunity click the image above to find out more.


more year 11 graduation dinner photos


We have more photos to share with you all from our Year 11 Graduation dinner.

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year 11 graduation dinner photos


We have some photos to share of our Year 11 Graduation dinner which occurred last week.

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torpedo swimming photos


Last weekend students from UP & Secondary took part in the Torpedo Swimming competition held at KLASS. The competition was tough with many schools taking part from places such as Dubai, Thailand & Singapore. However, our students still won quite a few medals!

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year 11 memories


Congratulations to our Year 11 students who have now completed their IGCSE exams and sadly have had their last day in school. We have a few photos from their time in school to share with you all.


new school calendar 2018/19


Our school calendar for the new academic year 2018/19 is now online.

Click on the image above to view the calendar.


Yearbook Sales


Our school yearbook is still on sale you can buy your copy in person from the Parents Association in the canteen today between 1 - 2pm.

If you would prefer to order your yearbook online click on the image above for more details.


fobisia primary games video


Here is the official FOBISIA Primary Games video


more fobisia primary games photos


We have some more photos to share with you from the FOBISIA Primary Games in Phuket Thailand. Many thanks to one of our parents, Mr Nakane, for taking these excellent photos.

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fobisia primary games photos


Our students returned yesterday from the FOBISIA Primary Games in Phuket Thailand. They have managed to win a fair few medals at the games well done for a fantastic effort. We will no doubt hear more about the exploits next week when they return to school after a well earned rest!

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dignity foundation visit


Yesterday we welcomed the Dignity for Children Foundation to school. The foundation provides education and opportunities to less fortunate children.

We began the day with an insightful presentation by Dignity students at assembly. In the afternoon our prefects held ice breaker activities for students to learn more about each other. Lastly, we rounded off the day with our boys and girls football matches. elc Girls did themselves proud with an impressive 11-3 victory. However, our boys were very much humbled by the skillful Dignity team who won convincingly 11-1.

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junior maths competition


Last weekend our students took part in the Junior KL Maths held at Alice Smith. It certainly looked like it was a very active competition where not only our students brains where exercised!

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sb phone lines restored


Please feel free to call our campus if needed our phone lines are now working again.


sb phone lines


Unfortunately, our Sungai Buloh campus phone lines are not currently working due to weather damage. We are working to resolve the issues. However, our phone lines may not be restored until Tues 22nd. If you would like to contact us our staff can still be emailed or alternatively feel free to message us on the school Facebook page here.




The Parents' Association Coffee Morning was held on Tuesday, 8th May. They were privileged to have a representative from SIMPLY BLUE! © an international non-profit social art project for people with or without experience, to create freehand blue mandalas. This project was initiated by German Art Therapist, Rita Eckart, who has worked on various fields of Art Therapy and Social Art mainly with traumatized children, adolescents and adults, to help people from war stricken countries to cope with stress of loss, grief and trauma. It is also for anyone who is looking for inner balance.

This fun project that was fully sponsored by the PA and it was a great opportunity to relax and get creative!

To view more photos click on the image above.


dofe taman negara highlights


Recently some of our students took part in their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award adventurous journey. Here are some highlights from their trip to Taman Negara.


school holiday


Dear Parents,

By now, many of you will be aware that Malaysia has woken up to a new era, with history and records being made during yesterday's election. It is an exciting time, although, as with any change, it is tinged with anxiety about the unknown. That said, we want to wish all Malaysians the very best as we venture forth into this new tomorrow and assure all our expatriate families that Malaysia will continue to be a safe and peaceful home away from home for you all.

As you are all aware today was declared a holiday, but in the early hours this morning Friday 11th May was also declared a public holiday. Therefore, the School will remain closed tomorrow and only officially reopen on Monday 14th May.

However, the IGCSE exams will continue as planned and we already have a team of teachers and support staff ready to assist in making sure these exams continue without interruption. Please ensure that all IGCSE exam candidates are in the School early, just in case there are traffic delays this afternoon and tomorrow.

Thank you.

elc Admin


dofe bronze taman negara trek


Last weekend students from both our campuses ventured off out into the jungle. Taman Negara to be more precise, they braved the great outdoors for their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award adventurous journey. They trekked, learned to cook and camped in the jungle and managed to survive the dreaded leeches! Overall it was a very rewarding experience.


secondary parent guides


Our Secondary parent guides for what your child will learn in term 3 are now online.

To view the guides click on the image above.


students tennis success


Congratulations to year 8 student Hayden Menon. Hayden won the ATF Boys Under-14 championship held in Kuala Terengganu last week. He beat a Slovakian player in the final by straight sets 6-2, 6-2 in 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Well done Hayden!


performing visual arts day Video


Earlier this week our students certainly got in the spirit of Performing Visual Arts Day. Alongside some great musical performances we also has our fashion show.


Secondary Performance Video


Last week our Secondary students put on this excellent performance. After only 2 terms they have clearly learned lots from their Drama lessons with Ms Price.


performing visual arts day photos


Today has seen an array of colourful activities and performances across the school. Our students seemed to enjoy Performing Visual Arts Day.

To view more photos click the image above.


dofe bronze qualifying journey


Yesterday students from both our campuses went on a 4K hike through the Kota Damansara Forestry Reserve. The trek was to prepare them for their forthcoming Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award adventurous journey. Next month, they will be heading to Taman Negara for the real deal. They should now be well prepared now for the jungle!


SB yearbook sales


It is now easier than ever to order your yearbook. You can pay by cheque, online transfer or directly to the PA after school on Fridays. Please read the full details on how to order by clicking the buttons below.

DEADLINE FOR ORDERS: Final day for orders Friday 6th July.

YEARBOOK AVAILABLE FROM: Monday 27th August onwards.

Yearbooks will be handed out in the Administration Office on the above date to those that have a receipt or receipt number issued by the Parents' Association (PA) to confirm payment.




felt food eca


This term Ms Goodwin has been teaching some of our students how to create Felt Food in her ECA. We may need to add a sign that says please do not eat as there are some pieces are very lifelike!

Click the image to view more photos.


maths & science day


Today we had Maths & Science Day in school. There were lots of fun activities taking place across the whole school. Here are some highlights.


iu day photos


We have some photos to share from last Saturday's International Understanding Day. Click on the image above to view.


iu day video


It has been a great day in Sungai Buloh for International Understanding Day. Alongside celebrating different cultures we have been stuffing our faces with the various culinary delights on offer. We hope everyone has also enjoyed the many games and activities today. Many thanks to all the efforts of our parents, students & staff. Hopefully we have raised lots of money for our chosen charities!


iu day tomorrow


We are all gearing up for tomorrow's annual International Understanding(IU) Day. The theme this year is Wonders of the World! We have chosen India with the Taj Mahal, Egypt with the Pyramids of Giza, Italy with the Colosseum, and Peru with Machu Picchu. As always there will be for sale a wide variety of food and drinks to discover, souvenirs to collect and exciting games to play. This year, all proceeds will be donated to:

1. Independent Living and Training Centre Malaysia (ILTC)

2. Pertubuhan Kebajikan Anak Yatim Mary KL

3. Spina Bifida Association Malaysia (SIBIAM)

Parent's and students are of course welcome we hope to see you here!


computing day photos


Today has been a busy day in school. We have had a whole range of fun interesting activities for Computing Day. Here are some photos we can share with you to show what's been happening.

To view more photos click on the image above


fire brigade visit school


Earlier this morning we had a fire drill in school, which we are pleased to say was very efficient. The entire school had successfully evacuated the building in 5 minutes, which is within the recommended time. Following on from this, we welcomed the Sungai Buloh fire brigade to school for a demonstration on fire safety. Our own staff even got to show off their own fire fighting skills!


pa logo design winner


Today at assembly our Parent's Association(PA) presented the prize to the winner of their logo design competition. Congratulations to Kaushal Agarwal from 8 Grey who submitted the winning design. There was a very enthusiastic response to this competition. Hopefully this interest continues in forthcoming PA events.


u13 fobisia games video


We have a video to share of our students in action at last weekend's U13 FOBISIA games in Phuket Thailand. Many thanks to one of our parents, Mr Mac, who once again put together an excellent video for us.


y9 options choices


Soon our Year 9 students will have to decide the path they intend to take next year for IGCSE subjects. For more information on the options available for them going forward click the image above to read our guide.


u13 fobisia games in phuket


Our U13 team are currently competing at the FOBISIA Games in Phuket Thailand. The games are still ongoing, but early reports suggest our boys & girls have done well in swimming & athletics events!


y10 kerling fieldtrip photos


Earlier this week our Year 10 students had a hands on experience for their fieldtrip to Kerling. It was a good opportunity to apply the knowledge & skills they have learned in Geography & Biology classes out in the wild.


mph book fair begins


Our book fair in conjunction MPH kicked off today in school. Some of our students were fortunate to have a special reading with, Mr. Eugene Mahalingam, author of Parallel Tales: Fairy Tales and Fables Reimagined. Alongside this there were plenty of books for sale too. The book fair will be on till Thursday 8th March. Parents are welcome to attend.


mph bookfair in school


Next week we will be having a special book fair in school in conjunction with MPH bookstore. There will numerous author's in school giving reading for our students and of course plenty books for sale. Parents are welcome to come to school to attend the fair.


lion dance photos


We have some photos to share with you from our Lion Dance today. Click on the image above to view more.


fobisia student workshop


Recently some of our Secondary students took part in the FOBISIA Leadership conference at Alice Smith School. Our students put together this video to reflect on the experience.


mind mapping workshop


Last Friday afternoon some of our students took part in a mind mapping workshop conducted by Ms Geetanjali. Mind-mapping improves learning it can improve clarity of thought and can be applied to every subject.

To view more photos click on the image above.


isac u15 basketball bronze winners


Last Saturday, our U15 Basketball team were competing in the ISAC Division 2 @ BSKL. They fought hard and won themselves well earned bronze medals.


u13 boys football


Our U13 Boys Football team took part in an ISAC tournament @ Alice Smith last Saturday. They drew their games against KLASS A 1-1 and Tenby 2-2. Also winning matches against BSKL 4-0 & KLASS B 5-0. Despite being undefeated this wasn't quite enough to make the final and they finished 3rd overall. However, it is clear our boys have certainly improved since last term. Keep up the good effort boys!


sports day video


Last Saturday was a great day in the sun for our Secondary & Upper Primary Sports Day. This time our video even has drone footage of the school. Once again we would like to thank one of our parents, Mr Mac, who took the time to put together this video.


fobisia swimming video


Recently, our FOBISIA swim team took part in a competition in Bangkok Thailand. One of our parents, Mr Mac, put together this great video from the event.


y11 pangkor trip photos


Last week our Year 11 students went on possibly their last trip as elc students before they graduate. They spent the weekend on Pangkor island judging by these photos looks like they had a good time!

Click on the image above to view more photos.


Sports Day 2018 photos


Congratulations to Blue Sharks who were the winners of our Sports Day and well done to all our students who took part in today's events!

Click on the image above to view more photos.


Sports Day 2018


For a full list of tomorrow's events click on the image above.


Secondary art display


For those of you who may have missed it we have had a selection of wonderful art on display recently created by Year 7 to Year 9 students.

Click the image above to view more photos.


Mr Sam Yang talk on success


This morning, we were very fortunate to welcome to elc, Mr Sam Yang, a former investment banker with Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch and the founder of the KE Foundation . Today Mr Sam gave an entertaining talk to students on "The 8 characteristics of successful people". We have a short clip of the talk to share with you. Lastly, we will like to thanks Mr Sam for taking the time to speak with our students.




Best of luck to the elc swimming team who jetted off this morning to Bangkok to compete in the FOBISIA Swimming competition!




Get your creativity hat on and be forever remembered as the creative genius that designed the logo for elc International School Parents' Association to be used on everything from our letterhead to our promotional materials.

Our logo contest includes over RM300 in prizes! We are looking for a cutting edge logo that communicates the camaraderie amongst parents, students and school. The logo designs must be submitted to by January 28th, 2018.

Submitted logo designs will be eligible for the following prizes:

1st prize is RM200 Aeon Voucher plus 5 House Points if the winning design is from a student

2nd prize is RM100 Aeon voucher

3rd prize is an elc Cheer t-shirt.

The winning logo design will be chosen by majority vote at the PA AGM on February 6th, 2018.

Let the designing begin!


mind mapping workshop


Mind maps engage all of our critical skills in a powerful and unique way to: enhance learning and recall, boost creativity, develop advanced note-taking skills, plan, analyse, organise, present and communicate. In short, mind-mapping improves learning, gives clarity of thought and can be applied to every subject.

Ms Geetanjali will be running a workshop on mind maps next month. Open to Year 7 to Year 9 students only. To register for the workshop, please send her an email at before 1st February. Registration is on a first come, first served basis. Maximum intake is 20 students.


queen's commonwealth essay competition


The Queen's Commonwealth Essay Competition is the world's oldest schools' international writing competition, established in 1883. With thousands of young people taking part every year, it is an important way for the young voice of the Commonwealth to be developed and heard.

As Malaysia is part of the Commonwealth elc students are eligible to take part in this competition. For full details click on the image above.


secondary parent guides


Our parent guides for what your child will learn in Secondary classes this term are now online. Click on the image above to view them.