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malaysia day assembly


We held a Malaysia Day themed assembly today.


stars of week 2


Here are our stars of week 2 for Lower Primary.


secondary assembly


Today's Secondary assembly by Ms Shoaib touched on our frequent usage of personal pronouns in our daily conversations. Students attempted a short quiz to gauge how well they could identity the people whose conversations are most dominated by these pronouns. The assembly served as a fitting reminder of how people unknowingly reveal their self-centred tendencies in their frequent usage of these words. Perhaps we could all say 'me' a little less and 'you' a little more.


Primary perfect attendance


Well done to our Primary students who had perfect attendance in Term 3! Let's hope that there will be even more students on stage next term!


top igcse performers


Congratulations to our top performers in this years IGCSE exams.


term 3 newsletter


We hope everyone is enjoying the summer break. To read our term 3 newsletter click the image above.


annual awards day photos


Excellence shines forth in various forms, if given the chance. We at elc Cyberjaya are proud to acknowledge the students under our care who have exhibited excellence in different ways in their time with us this past academic year at the Annual Award Ceremony that took place earlier this morning. Well done, all!

Click the image above to view more.


Art day photos pt2


For Art Day yesterday, Secondary students were asked to imagine what the world could be like in a hundred years, while the Primary students were asked to design a superhero school. Global warming features as a significant factor in some Secondary designs as some students have pictured mankind living underwater in the next century.

Click the image above to view more.


Art day photos


Cyberjaya's Art Day was an enjoyable one, with lots of art-related games and activities, including some group art which will be featured on our school walls tomorrow!

Click the image above to view more.


Award Ceremony eJASS & DofE


We are proud to present our new Cyberjaya batch of EJASS and Duke of Edinburgh awardees! They had been working hard this year to get to where they are now, and it is hoped that they will continue on with these programs.

Click the image above to view more.


LP Achievement Day


Lower Primary Achievement Day saw our young students graduating from their year level, ready to move on to the next in the coming academic year. It's been a good year of learning and growing, and we look forward to their future achievements.

Click the image above to view more.


Swimming Day Photos


We've had a 'splashing' time with Swimming Day today as our fine young swimmers had bucket loads of fun in the pool!

Click the image above to view more.


Musicale photos


We had a spectacular show last Friday evening here at Cyberjaya with the Musicale. It was an action packed show with a full band, creative props and hugely entertaining performances (including a mock bull fight thanks to our fantastic Reception students!).

A huge thank you to Amir and Madhevan who took these amazing shots of the night's fun. Click the image above to view more.


reception grey assembly video


Today's Primary Assembly saw the Reception Grey students performing a short skit on a seed and it's friendships with the sun, rain and wind.


year 11 graduation photos


Another year has come and gone, and another batch of Cyberjaya Year 11 students leave elc to embark on their next adventure in life. Before spreading their wings, though, we celebrated their time with us in the Cyberjaya Year 11 Prom last Saturday.

To view more photos of the evening click on the image above.


new school calendar 2018/19


Our school calendar for the new academic year 2018/19 is now online.

Click on the image above to view the calendar.


fobisia primary games medal winners


Our talented young athletes returned victorious from the FOBISIA Primary Games with their great successes (and medals). Well done, all!


science day photos


Last Friday saw the whole campus caught up with the wonders and curiosities of science. Through various science-inspired presentations, games, trivia and activities, students demonstrated their scientific prowess. Even the Lower Primary students got in on the action with their science exhibition!

Click on the image above to view more.


science day


The Year 5 students have showcased their amazing talent, hard work and knowledge of astronomy through posters and models.

Take a look at their projects! Click on the image above to view more.


primary parent guides


Our Primary parent guides for what your child will learn in term 3 are now online.

To view the guides click on the image above.


dofe taman negara highlights


Recently some of our students took part in their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award adventurous journey. Here are some highlights from their trip to Taman Negara.


school holiday


Dear Parents,

By now, many of you will be aware that Malaysia has woken up to a new era, with history and records being made during yesterday's election. It is an exciting time, although, as with any change, it is tinged with anxiety about the unknown. That said, we want to wish all Malaysians the very best as we venture forth into this new tomorrow and assure all our expatriate families that Malaysia will continue to be a safe and peaceful home away from home for you all.

As you are all aware today was declared a holiday, but in the early hours this morning Friday 11th May was also declared a public holiday. Therefore, the School will remain closed tomorrow and only officially reopen on Monday 14th May.

However, the IGCSE exams will continue as planned and we already have a team of teachers and support staff ready to assist in making sure these exams continue without interruption. Please ensure that all IGCSE exam candidates are in the School early, just in case there are traffic delays this afternoon and tomorrow.

Thank you.

elc Admin


cj term calendars


We now have a new Cyberjaya calendar page on our site. Click the image above to view the calendar.

If you have a gmail account you can click the plus sign on our google calendar. This will give you notifications on our events and keep you up to date on what's happening in school.


primary perfect attendance


Well done to our Primary students who had perfect attendance at school in Term 2!




Having been announced as the 2018-2019 Cyberjaya Head Prefect at the school assembly, Justin Oh gave a heartfelt speech as he shared his gratitude towards those who supported his development as a leader and also pledged to do his best in his new role.


dofe bronze qualifying journey


Yesterday students from both our campuses went on a 4K hike through the Kota Damansara Forestry Reserve. The trek was to prepare them for their forthcoming Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award adventurous journey. Next month, they will be heading to Taman Negara for the real deal. They should now be well prepared now for the jungle!


world harmony day photos


World Harmony Day's took place last Saturday at Cyberjaya. Were the performances fantastic? YES! Was it fun? ABSOLUTELY! Was the food delicious beyond measure? THAT'S AN ACCURATE DESCRIPTION, YES!

Click on the image above to look at some photos we got of Saturday's fun!!


world harmony day


Food? Check! Games? Check! Awesome performances by students?? Check!

We are all set for this Saturday's World Harmony Day happening at the Cyberjaya campus! Come join in the fun!


fobisia maths


Zinan, Adam, Ryan and Hanson joined in the recent Maths FOBISIA at ABC International School, Ho Chi Minh City. The boys did very well as a team, securing first place in the Puzzle Challenge (Outstanding Team Award) while on the individual level, Ryan got first place in the Social Challenge (House Team Challenge). Well done to the boys on their amazing victory!

Click the image above to view more photos.


u15 boys football victory


Yesterday, our U15 football team certainly showed what they are capable of. We are very proud of their efforts in securing a convincing 12-1 victory over Rafflesia school. Hopefully our boys can continue to excel in future matches!

Click the image above to view more photos.


2w Assembly video


This week our Primary Assembly featured 2 White in a video presentation about minding one's P's and Q's.


y9 options choices


Soon our Year 9 students will have to decide the path they intend to take next year for IGCSE subjects. For more information on the options available for them going forward click the image above to read our guide.




The 7 students representing the Cyberjaya campus in the upcoming FOBISIA U13 Phuket games were presented with their official bags today.

We wish Benecia, Neeran, Dhanesh, Ivan, Fong Zhe, Madhevan and Sattya all the best!


U16 Girls Football success


Last Saturday saw our U16 Girls battling it out with four other schools at the 2017-2018 ISAKL U16 Girls Football tournament held at Mutiara International Grammar School. Their hard work paid off as they took home the second place trophy! In addition to their amazing win, Hannah was named the joint 3rd Top Goal Scorer while Elynn was one of the two Players of the Match. Well done to the girls and their PE coaches!

Click the image above to view more photos.


eJass bronze award


Today our first batch of Year 6 students received their certificates, pins and medals for successfully completing the eJASS (Junior Award Scheme for Schools) Bronze Award. They had worked hard for the past few months to complete each of the 4 necessary components required to complete the program. (Stay Active Get Active, Adventure, My Interests, Me and My World). Kudos to Anshika, Jenny, Adam Hans, Anoshka, Bani, Divya, Fatin, Trevor, Sivani, Kavesh, Ryan, Osmaan, Sarah and Anuj!

Click the image above to view more photos.


Cultural week


Last week our Primary students experienced a cultural journey through Norway, Spain, Korea, India, Australia, Poland, Japan, Mexico, South Africa, France, Thailand, Bahamas, Italy, Philippines, China, Egypt, Samoa & Ireland! Each Primary homeroom represented a different country and during the Cultural Day parade on Friday, they showcased an amazing array of cultural outfits.

Click the image above to view more photos.


Lion Dance Photos


Today we had a blast when two golden lions came by the school to wish us a Happy Chinese New Year! Both students and teachers had fun as the Lion Dance unfolded. There was even more excitement as the God of Prosperity made a surprise visit and gave out oranges to some lucky students!

Click the image above to view more photos.


3 Grey Chorus Speaking Video


For Week 7's Primary Assembly , 3 Grey put on a great choral speaking presentation on teachers!




Academic Excellence


elc would like to congratulate Kim Won Joon as he received an award for the UCSI Academic Excellence to A-Level Top Achievers. Kim got 4 A* which is the highest achievement that a student in A-level can get. As one of the first IGCSE graduates of elc Cyberjaya 2016, We are very proud to share in his amazing success. Well done, Won Joon!


More sports day photos


We have more photos to share with you from Friday. Click the image above to view more photos from today's Sports Day.


sports day photos


Click the image above to view more photos from today's Sports Day.


primary parent guides


Our parent guides for what your child will learn in Primary classes for this term are now online. Click on the image above to view them.


secondary parent guides


Our parent guides for what your child will learn in Secondary classes for this term are now online. Click on the image above to view them.


queen's commonwealth essay competition


The Queen's Commonwealth Essay Competition is the world's oldest schools' international writing competition, established in 1883. With thousands of young people taking part every year, it is an important way for the young voice of the Commonwealth to be developed and heard.

As Malaysia is part of the Commonwealth elc students are eligible to take part in this competition. For full details click on the image above.

Students who wish to take part please pass their entries to Mr Suresh directly.


term 1 newsletter


To read our term 1 newsletter click the image above.


y9 play performance photos


We hope everyone enjoyed the Year 9 Plays that took place yesterday. It was a nice end to what has been a great term. We clearly have some budding thespians in our midst!

Click on the image above to view more photos.


maths day photos


On Friday, we spent the day celebrating all things Maths with some infinitely fun activities! The four Sports Houses went all out to win but in the end the Yellow Eagles flew high and came in first place!

Click on the image above to view more photos.


leadership camp


The Leadership Camp over the weekend was amazing! Students tried their hands out at assembling their tents, went for a trek through the jungle (and met some little critters!), had a bonfire and did plenty of character-building activities.

Click on the image above to view more photos.


language day video


We have a short video of highlights of Language Day put together by Year 11 student, Sidharrth.


up outbac trip photos


The Upper Primary students showed some amazing camaraderie, teamwork, skill and determination during their field trip last week to Outbac Broga.

Take a look at some photos of their adventurous day out! Click on the image above to view.


Language Day photos


Yesterday we celebrated Language Day across the school. It was a fun day filled with performances, presentations, a character parade and a poster gallery walk.


LP field trip video


Last Wednesday the Lower Primary students visited Aquaria KLCC and Star Light Theme Park. It was a fun-filled trip as they got to learn about different forms of aquatic life and have the time of their lives at the theme park!


UP outbac trip video


The Upper Primary students went on adventure last Thursday to Outbac Broga for an outdoor activity-laden day! They learnt about teamwork as well as putting their best efforts forward in the various games and challenges.


Prefectorial Board 2017-2018


Congratulations to our newest additions to the Cyberjaya Prefectorial Board 2017-2018!

Secondary: Yaashmithaa, Riong, Jia Hui, Justin, Wen Min, Zi Ting, Bennett, Loka, Omar, Aishwarya, Benecia and Dhanesh.

Primary: Aadithya, Jiin Hom, Gayathri, Jiong Jyeh, Isaac and Jack.

Click the image above to view more photos.


u15 football photos


Yesterday, our U15 Boys football team battled hard in a dramatic match against IMAS on our home turf. Despite their best efforts the match ended in stalemate. However, our boys can be proud of their efforts in securing a 4-4 draw.

Click the image above to view more photos.


Y9 science posters


Our Year 9 students recently did a science poster presentation on the adaptation of animals and plants in various climates. Take a look at some of their amazing work. by clicking on the image above.


rugby students


A group of elc students played an NZ national sport called rugby over the weekend.

We would like to acknowledge and congratulate some of elc students under Cobra Rugby Club who participated in the 3rd annual COBRA 10s Mini Rugby Festival 2017 that took place last Saturday, 28th October 2017 in Kota Damansara.

At least 10 Malaysian Rugby clubs competed against each other, from U6 to U16.

Students who competed: Ashven, Raheel, Kayley, Dylan, Ricky, Aidan, Tanush, Jack, Renee, Divyakaarshini


Mr Koh's assembly


For morning Assembly today, Mr Koh had an interactive presentation on sports etiquette and good sportsmanship. He spoke on the importance of being respectful of opponents, playing fair as well as following the rules of the game.


halloween parade photos


This morning we had a spooky start to the day with our Halloween Parade in Primary.

Click on the image above to view more of our scarey photos!


ms sarah's assembly video


Ms Sarah's video on Halloween at assembly got everyone excited for the Halloween Parade tomorrow!


social science day photos


Our campus was a hive of activity for Social Science Day recently. Our students were engaged in a range of activities for what was a very enjoyable day.

Click on the image above to view more photos.




Happy Diwali from all elc staff and students.


Primary stars of week 4


Congratulations to all our stars of week 4. Click on the image above to view more photos.


football photos


We have some photos to share with you from our boys & girls football matches against Epsom. Click on the image above to view more.



Our football teams were in action recently well done to our students who took part.


new staff for 2017/18


Click on the image above to read about our new teaching staff for 2017/18.


primary parent guides


Our parent guides for what your child will learn in Primary classes this term are now online. Click on the image above to view them.


Assembly video


We have a short video to share from our assembly, which began with singing the school song Learn to Aspire.


Igcse world performance


How our students performance compares to the worldwide average for IGCSE exams this year.


annual awards

There were many activities happening at the end of last term. It seems we forgot to share some photos from our Annual Awards show. Click on the image above to view more photos.

Well done to all our awards winners.




Congratulations to all our students who recently received their IGCSE exam results. Once again our students have done themselves and elc proud. We wish them all the best for the future and look forward to hearing about their further success.


term calendars for 2017-18


It has been a quiet month in elc, we hope that you all have been enjoying the summer break. It is not too long till the new academic year starts. For those who have not already seen just a reminder our new term calendars for 2017-18 are online. Just click the image above to view them.

22 jul

term 3 newsletter


We have our last edition for this academic year of our newsletter to share with you. It documents many of last term's events and much more. Click the image above to view.

We hope everyone has a pleasant term break.


yearbook now available to collect


Our yearbooks are now available for collection in both of our campuses. They can be picked up at our admin office. Please ensure you bring your receipt or proof of payment to collect.

Our admin offices are open throughout the summer break if anyone is unable to grab their copy this week.